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Welcome to South East Catflaps

We can help you

  • Fit catflaps with the latest technology
  • Replace your old catflap
  • Offer Improved security, aesthetics and practicality instantly

We can fit in:

  • Front door / Back-door
  • Glass doors / Frosted doors, Windows
  • UPVC doors, Wood doors

Free quote in seconds - Call 07983236644 - (Or mail us with this form)

We fit all sizes and types to meet your personal preference. Whether you need to cater for a fat cat or a giant dog we can help find the right door for you. All our installations come with a 3 year guarantee for additional peace of mind. With almost two decades experience in fitting doors and windows there is nothing we can't do for you and your pet.

For example, we can provide doors for:

  • Size:
    • Cats & Small Dogs
    • Large Cats & Medium Dogs
    • Large and Extra Large Dogs
  • Security:
    • Manual Locking
    • Infra-red Collar Key
    • Magnetic Collar Key
  • Lock Settings:
    • 4 Way - in only, out only, opened, locked.
    • 2 Way - opened, locked
    • None - always open

Tired of your pet demanding to be let in or out?

Why not ask South East Catflaps for a free quote today!?

It could not be simpler!

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